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The New Studio of Dance, the official school of the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, is committed to providing a world-class dance education to students of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds. Classes begin Tues, September 3rd, 2014.

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Class Schedule 2014/15

[sub_title color=”#ffffff”]The New Studio of Dance[/sub_title]
[tab title=”MON”]
Monday Classes Time Location
Creative Movement Dance 10AM – 10:45AM Main Studio
Tween Co. Modern 4PM – 5PM Main Studio
Jr. Co. Personal Composition 4PM – 5PM Tap Room
Jr. Co. Ballet  5PM – 6:30PM Main Studio
Tween Co. Group Composition 5PM – 6:30PM Tap Room
Fencing Int/Adv Saber 6:30PM – 8PM Main Studio
Jr. Co. Pointe 6:30PM – 7:30PM Tap Room
[/tab] [tab title=”TUE”]
Tuesday Classes Time Location
Teen Jazz/HipHop 4PM – 5:30PM Main Studio
Teen Acro/Aerial 4PM – 5:30PM Be Be Theatre
Teen Ballet & Pointe 5:30PM – 7PM Main Studio
Tap for Fun 5:30PM – 6:30PM Tap Room
Kid's Acro/Aerial 5:30PM – 7PM Be Be Theatre
Adult Modern 7PM – 8:30PM Main Studio
Fencing Beg/Int Epee 7PM – 8:30PM Tap Room
* Aerial Arts students will be required to take an additional dance class
[/tab] [tab title=”WED”]
Wednesday Classes Time Location
Jr. Co. Modern 4PM – 5:30PM Main Studio
Tween Co. Workshop 4PM – 5:30PM Be Be Theatre
Tween Co. Ballet 5:30PM – 6:30PM Main Studio
Jr. Co. Group Composition 5:30PM – 7PM Tap Room
Adult Modern 6PM – 7:30PM Be Be Theatre
Fencing Int/Adv Foil 6:30PM – 8PM Main Studio
Jr. Co. Yoga/Stretch 7PM – 8PM Tap Room
[/tab] [tab title=”THU”]
Thursday Classes Time Location
Kid's Modern II 4PM – 5PM Main Studio
Kid's Ballet I 4PM – 5PM Tap Room
Jr. Co. Workshop 4PM – 6PM Be Be Theatre
Kid's Modern I 5PM – 6PM Main Studio
Kid's Ballet II 5PM – 6PM Tap Room
Teen/Adult Ballet 6PM – 7:30PM Main Studio
[/tab] [tab title=”FRI”]
Friday Classes Time Location
Fencing Beg/Int Foil  (9-12 year olds) 4PM – 5:30PM Main Studio
Fencing Beg/Int            (13 years & up) 5:30PM – 7PM Main Studio
[/tab] [tab title=”SAT”]
Saturday Classes Time Location
Creative Movement Dance  10AM – 10:45AM Tap Room
Jr. Co. & ACDT Modern 10AM – 11:30AM Main Studio
Jr. Co. & ACDT Ballet 11:30AM – 1PM Main Studio
[/tab] [tab title=”SUN”]
No Sunday Classes Time Location
ACDT 4:30PM – 7PM Main Studio
[/tab] [/two_third][two_third] [tab title=”REGISTER”]Classes begin Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014. Registration Fee is $35 for the school year (non-refundable), $25 if received before August 31, 2014.

Download the Class Registration Form and mail with payment to:

ACDT | The New Studio of Dance
20 Commerce Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Office Phone- (828) 254-2621

[/tab] [tab title=”CLASS FEES & DISCOUNTS”]
Dance Class Fees Drop-in Dance Class Fees Fencing Class Fees
1-hour Class: $50/month 1-hour Class: $15/single class
1.5-hour Class: $65/month 1.5-hour Class: $20/single class 1.5-hour Class: $65/month + $10/month for equipment rental

10% Discount for Second Class*, or 10% Discount for Second Child* in a family
* (not applicable to Junior or Tween Programs)

Junior Dance Company | Multi-Class Package
$130/ month for 3.5 hours of Classes/ week (20% Savings)

Pre-Professional + Tween Dance Company| Multi-Class Package
$255/ month for 8.5 hours of Classes/ week (30% Savings)

[/tab] [tab title=”ATTIRE FOR CLASS”]Dance and Fencing students are required to wear proper dance wear for all classes. No over-sized T-shirts for any classes. [No dance wear = No classes]. Hair must be pulled back, off of face and neck.
dance wear
Ballet Pink tights and pink ballet shoes
Modern Footless tights or leggings & leotards
Jazz Leggings & leotards
Fencing White T-shirts and white sweat pants. White shoes.