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Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre (ACDT) is a non-profit professional dance company created in 1979.   As western North Carolina’s first professional modern dance company, we believe that everything everywhere is dance and everyone is a dancer.  We explore the through lines that exist between cultures, our society, and our world.  Through art and inspiration, the company illuminates the points of intersection that exist on both intellectual and emotional levels, and our diverse repertory reflects both traditional and experimental forms of modern dance.

ACDT performs up to 80 times a year in Asheville, its hometown, the southeastern United States, and abroad (France, Canada, Cuba, Mexico…).  Our repertory consists of both full-length modern dance ballets geared towards more mature audiences such as Looking for Frida and The Obsession of Dali as well as shows geared towards children and general audiences like Puss in Boots and The Legend of Chocolate.  We are the producer of several dance and performing arts festivals in Asheville: The Fringe Arts Festival, The North Carolina Dance Festival and The Men’s Dance Festival to name a few, and we also invite dance companies and artists from around the world to share their talents and enrich the Asheville community.

Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre’s Board of Directors includes...

Mary Smith - President, Jim Julien, Joe Karpen, Dena Gettleman, John Whitener, Jean Corliss, Lisa Smith and Nelson Reyes.

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