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The Company


Clips from “Triangle” performed at the BeBe Theater Fall 2008. Pieces performed were The White Parasol choreographed by Susan Collard, Lay on This Side Only choreographed by Marainela Boan, Armadillo choreographed by Erika Torres, and Vivir del Cuentor choreographed by Diana Cabrera Stepanova.

Clips from “The Last Dance of Mata Hari” performed at the Diana Wortham Theater November 2008. Directed by Susan Collard and choreographed by Susan Collard, Nelson Reyes and the dancers of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre.

Clips from “Cabaret Fever”. A cabaret style show based on the life of La Lupe and featuring performances by Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, Chix with Stix, Sin Fronteras, and Yeraldine Kennedy.

Clips from “The Physics of Happy Hour”, a night of dance works choreographed and performed by ACDT at the BeBe Theater in June 2009.  Pieces performed were Frank’s Got the Blues by Susan Collard, Transformation by Jessy Kronenberg, Cremita de Coco by Giles Collard, Vegetarian, Beezlebunny, Perfect Strangers by Jenni Cockrell, Tarot by Connie Schrader, and Susan’s Tango choreographed by Diana Cabrera Stepanova.