About ACDT

Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre (ACDT) is a non-profit professional dance company created in 1979. We believe that everyone is a dancer and through art and inspiration, the company illuminates the points of intersection that exist on both intellectual and emotional levels, and our diverse repertory reflects both traditional and experimental forms of modern dance.

We are celebrating 47 years of dance in Asheville. The New Studio of Dance was founded in 1970. It is the school of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, which performs regionally and abroad. The school prides itself in taking the novice dancer through the many stages of technical and artistic development to perform at a professional level in this culture and abroad.

The New Studio of Dance, the official school of the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, is committed to providing a world-class dance education to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. We provide the highest level of teaching staff and host quality artists, teachers and performers from around the world.  Founded in 1970, The New Studio of Dance is celebrating 48 years of dance in Asheville, North Carolina. The New Studio of Dance is also used by ACDT to train future professional dancers. The Junior Company consists of a group of students in high school and middle school who are receiving world-class training and numerous performing opportunities. The members of ACDT’s Junior Company play a large part in creating their own dance program and on occasion apprentice to Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre.  Classes are taught in a series of workshops of various dance forms to train a well-rounded artist dancer, and include workshops in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Partnering, Theater, Voice, Improvisation, Composition, and Choreography. ACDT and the New Studio of Dance produce two major dance-theatre performances, “The NutCracker and the Mouse King” in December and another in May.