Class Policies


All kid and teen students must register and pay the registration fee in order to take classes. This is a yearly fee and covers the expense of office work required to put students into the system.

All tuition payments are due on the first of every month and must be paid by the 15th of that month to avoid a $10.00 late fee.  A $10.00 late fee will be added each month tuition is late.

All drop in students must pay the drop in fee for that class before the class begins. This needs to be paid at the office or directly to the teacher BEFORE the start of class. Students will not be allowed to take the class until this payment is made.

Drop in classes are only allowed for those students that take classes very irregularly, are visiting from out of town, or want to try out a class before committing to it. If a student takes more than two classes a month for more then two months, they will not be considered a drop in student and must pay the monthly tuition.

Fall classes are in session until the week before the Christmas holidays. This is often after the Nutcracker performances. Because we want to teach our students to be responsible and encourage an environment where students finish what they start, all students are expected to finish December classes even after the performances of the Nutcracker are over. Any student that drops classes in December will be required to re-register and pay another registration fee in January.

Any student who is 2 months or more delinquent on their tuition will not be allowed to perform in the end of semester performances.  All tuition payments need to be cleared by tech week.

All dance students are invited to perform in at least two performances, the Nutcracker in the fall and a different show in the spring. A performance fee is required for these shows. This helps to cover the cost of costumes, as well as the extra time required of teachers and technicians during that week.  This performance fee must be paid by the date specified on the permission slips.

All students must have all outstanding bills from previous semesters cleared before they will be allowed to begin a new semester at New Studio of Dance and Fencing.