Summer Camps 2024

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Warrior Camp: June 17th-21st

Time: 9am – 3pm

Ages: 8-15

Tuition: $425.00

Explore the History and the Culture of The Roman Empire and The Gauls in an Amazing Summer Program of hands-on learning, all under the direction of Giles Collard, co-director of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre. Giles has lived abroad in France and Israel, and has performed internationally. He currently teaches modern and boy’s dance at the New Studio of Dance in Asheville. In addition to dance, Giles is a fencer and instructs students in foil and saber technique. He has performed with ACDT since 1986.

Join us for Roman and Greek Catapults Building, Wood Whittling, Gladiators, Roman Legionaires
versus The Carthaginians, Shield and Helmet & Costume Making, Build Model Roman Camps and Gaul Villages, Paint Toy Soldiers, Broad Sword Stage Combat, Story Telling and Creating Plays, Studies of the Roman Empire History

Enchanted Tales Dance Camp – Crafting Your Fairy Tale Performance: June 24th-June 28th

Time: 9am – 4pm

Age: 7-9

Tuition: $420.00

Embark on a fantastical journey at our Dance Camp where imagination takes center stage! In this unique and enchanting experience, dancers will have the opportunity to develop their very own fairy tale and bring it to life through a captivating dance performance. Our camp is a haven for creativity, encouraging participants to weave together their own magical stories, create characters, design sets and costumes, and choreograph dances that unfold like a living fairy tale. With guidance from our skilled instructors, dancers will explore the art of storytelling through movement, learning how to express emotion and narrative through every graceful step. We will finish the week with a live performance for family and friends in our very own theater. Join us for a week of whimsy, self-expression, and the joy of crafting your own fairy tale dance performance at our magical Dance Camp!

Cinematic Dance Creations Camp: July 8th-July 12th

Time: 9am – 4pm

Ages: 9-15

Tuition: $420.00

Step into the spotlight at our Cinematic Dance Creations Camp – where young talents become dance film stars! Dive into the enchanting world of movement, music, and movie-making as we focus on creating a dance film masterpiece. In this immersive camp, participants will not only learn the fundamentals of dance but also explore the exciting realm of filmmaking. Our experienced instructors will guide them through choreography, storytelling, and the technical aspects of capturing dance on camera. Get ready for a week filled with creativity, laughter, and the joy of bringing dance to life on the big screen. On our final day of camp we will hold a film screening for friends and family. Join us for a magical journey of dance and filmmaking at our Cinematic Dance Creations Camp – where every dancer is a shining star!

Trolls Camp: July 15th-July 19th

Time: 9am – 1pm

Age: 4-8

Tuition: $240

Join us to look at the world through Poppy’s lens! This week we will explore Bergen Town, create cool crafts, dance to the fun music from the movies & even have a funky hair day. This is great for children 4-8 years who are looking to dance, be creative & have fun. Camp will run Monday through Friday 9-1. At the end of the week, we will have a small performance & invite the families to come and watch.

Dance Fusion Flash Camp: July 22nd-July 26th

Time: 9am – 4pm

Age: 9-15

Tuition: $420.00

Join our exhilarating Dance Fusion Flash Camp: Igniting the Unexpected where creativity knows no bounds! Immerse yourself in the world of dance as we focus on the thrilling art of creating flash mobs and site-specific performances. Unleash your inner dancer and learn the techniques, choreography, and teamwork required to create stunning and unexpected dance experiences in unique locations. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process, helping you master the art of spontaneous, synchronized movement. On the final day of camp family and friends will be invited to experience our flashmob and site-specific performances. Get ready to dance, surprise, and captivate audiences with the magic of flash mobs and site-specific dance at our one-of-a-kind Dance Camp

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