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Alice And The White Rabbit

How many versions of Alice in Wonderland have you experienced? Most of us have grown up hearing the story, reading the book or seeing a movie or performance that involved Alice and the White Rabbit ? This season, New Studio of Dance and ACDT will present a different interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s 19th century satire on the English Society. 

With artistic liberty, the directors; Susan and Giles Collard will focus on the theme of logic with fantasy. Of course, this will be managed through interpretations of the characters unusual relationships , in contemporary dance. An abstraction open to personal interpretations. The March Hare, Mad Hatter, the DorMouse all appear to have a reflection of society at the time that Carroll wrote the story of Alice’ s adventures. As well as the caterpillar who might have been a suggestion opium trade at the time in history. We are not omitting any of these unique characters, because each character has important reason to be part of Alice’s journey. However, we are attempting to make the relationship between the White Rabbit and Alice more mysterious and intriguing. Instead of always ignoring Alice, he will interact through dance and theatre with very few words.

We have created interesting heads and costumes for this production. The dancers wear the heads as they dance. They are both magical and weird from a world of foam creations of Giles Collard.

Through dance and theatre we will attempt to make logic from fantasy. Or versa/visa

This is our 44th year of making original dance theatre in the state and the school is 53 years old, we are very proud and happy to be part of the art scene in Asheville and the state.


Inside, Not Out

WATCH: Inside; Not Out is on Gumroad watch for $12.

PREVIEW – Youtube trailer:

Who: Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre/ ACDT & The BeBe Theatre

What: “Inside, Not Out”- A Re-Opening of the BeBe Theatre and in person Modern Dance

Where: BeBe Theatre- 20 Commerce St. Asheville, NC 28801

When: August 27th, 28th, and 29th  at 7:30pm

How Much: $20- General Admission; $18 to Students and Seniors purchased online at or call at 855-222-2849

Masks as well as proof of vaccination or negative Covid test is needed to enter the theatre.

Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre has been busy during the Covid 19 Pandemic! Dancing together, but separately in creeks, rainfall, parking decks, parks, factories, forests and just about anywhere there was an open space available for four to eight dance artists. Now ACDT is ready to greet a live audience to share some its newest and most innovative choreography created by Sharon Cooper, Melissa Wilhoit, and Susan Collard in their favorite black box theatre- the “BeBe”. The intimate, little theatre has been closed for almost a year and a half. Now with limited seating of 27 seats per performance and multiple high quality air filters, the theatre is ready…. set… go!

This collaboratory event will include not only high quality modern dance but an opportunity to meet the dancers and choreographers who have been developing their artistic skills for this exciting event. Each piece is unique in its content addressing social issues through movement and music.

Giles Collard, John Crutchfeild, Edwin Salas, Raj Bowers-Racine, and Sky McDowell will perform “Boys Toys”- a humorous look at adult men at play; which will be a highlight to the program.

ACDT has been performing locally and abroad for 42 years with a history of innovative, fine-tuned choreography.

Now see ‘Inside, Not Out’- ACDT’s newest work in the beloved BeBe theatre; safe and socially distant- tickets on sale August, 1st 2021! Limited Seating. Masks as well as proof of vaccination or negative Covid test is needed to enter our theatre. (TuTu Tix)


Based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen performed by the students of New Studio of Dance and ACDT.

Directed by: Susan and Giles Collard

Watch Thumbalisa

Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre (ACDT) is a non-profit professional dance company created in 1979. As western North Carolina’s first professional modern dance company, they believe that everything everywhere is dance and everyone is a dancer. ACDT is devoted to local and international work, forging collaborations and partnerships between Asheville artists and dance artists from around the world.